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Issei Suda

Nagi no hira - Fragments of Calm

Tosei Sha, 2013

215x270x17 mm

softcover, signed copy, 172 pages


“This book has been published as a catalog to accompany the 'Suda Issei, nagi no hira -fragments of calm' exhibition, organized by the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography. In his most famous series of work Fushi Kaden (1976), Suda Issei succeeded in capturing the extraordinary that exists within the ordinary. (…) The Japanese word, 'nagi' which is translated as 'calm' refers specifically to the moments in the morning or evening when the wind suddenly ceases and time seems to stand still, and this is this moment that he captures in his photographs. A lack of wind and humid air, these share something in common with the rich elements of time and space that are contained within SUDA's photographs, and above all,the term provides a hint to aid the comprehension of his photographic expressions.”

Extract from NIWA Harumi, ''nagi no hira - From the Ordinary to Another World''

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